vanpool FAQs

What is a vanpool? A vanpool brings five or more people together to share the cost of commuting in a van or SUV. The vehicle is leased and paid for by the participants, with the primary driver being the leaseholder. Typically, the lease is month to month.

How much does it cost? Participants share the cost of the vehicle lease and gas. The SANDAG Vanpool Program provides a subsidy of up to $400 per month to offset the lease cost. Employees may be eligible for additional subsidies or incentives from their employer. Members of the military also can receive up to $260 per month for vanpool costs. The average person will spend less than $100 per month to get to work in a vanpool in San Diego.

What types of vehicles are available? Multiple vehicle options, from comfortable 7-seat SUVs to high-end 15-passenger vans, can be customized with amenities like WiFi, satellite radio, power outlets, and GPS. Our vendor has different vehicle options, so make sure to check if you have a specific vehicle preference.

Who owns the vehicle? Vehicles are leased through the SANDAG vanpool vendor, Commute with Enterprise. Their lease options include a service package, vehicle registration, insurance, and maintenance.

Who is responsible for maintenance? The vanpool driver is responsible for taking the vehicle in for regular service, but all maintenance costs are covered in the lease. In the unlikely event that the van breaks down, the vanpool vendor offers free 24-hour roadside assistance that will bring a replacement van to you so you can quickly resume your commute.

What about insurance? The vanpool vendor provides liability insurance and coverage to protect authorized drivers, with no deductible. This is included in the lease cost.

Can I use the vehicle for personal trips? Yes. The vanpool vendor allows extra miles each year in addition to the allotted commute miles per vehicle. Typically the primary vanpool driver and leaseholder takes the vehicle home with them each day.

To learn more, watch our vanpool videos on our YouTube playlist. You also can call (619) 699-0706 or email [email protected].

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