TDM for developers

New developments are often associated with increased traffic congestion and adverse environmental impacts. However, developers can reduce these impacts by designing sites and providing amenities that encourage multimodal travel. Customizing and integrating Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies into property developments provides cost-effective solutions that reduce parking demand and traffic congestion while providing amenities for tenants. Incorporating TDM also can contribute to Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) certification.

Where have TDM strategies been incorporated by developments? 

University of California, San Diego – This university features a fleet of free shuttles that move students, staff, and faculty to on-campus destinations as well as commercial and residential developments located near public transit routes. Coupled with a subsidized transit pass and paid parking, these measures have contributed to 59% of campus commuters utilizing alternative travel modes.

Santa Monica, CA – In December 2011, the City of Santa Monica approved a development agreement for a 56-unit mixed use project which will not require the developer to provide parking. The new development is located near the future terminus of the Expo Line light rail that is located in the city’s core. In lieu of parking, the developer will be required to pay $125,000 to assist with nearby transit and bicycle infrastructure.

Portland, OR – The Civic is a 261-unit condominium development located six blocks from downtown Portland with access to a major bus and light rail line. The Gerding/Edlen Development Company chose to exclude parking for 24 units to test demand for car-free living. All 24 units sold plus residents benefit from a rental car-sharing agreement.

Need assistance? iCommute staff are available to provide support and tools to help developers integrate customized TDM components into their projects. For more information, call 511 and say “iCommute” or email [email protected].

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